Gathering facts about an industry or the competition is crucial in order to maintain a business advantage. Research in and evaluating an organisation’s position in the market place can assist in determining the viability of that company’s products or services and help in developing new product lines or services. Maintaining a level playing field is an important factor in the success of any business. Anticipating the competition’s next move, assessing expansion possibilities and determining profitability levels is crucial to a company’s growth and permits action rather than constant reaction. Many complex factors are brought to bear on such an evaluation but these factors cannot always be objectively determined in-house. Our specialists can review and recommend a course of action prior to decision-making, assisting management in many unexpected ways.


Surveillance can be the sole method of gathering intelligence and often investigators have to be extremely skilled in this area as situations often develop unexpectedly and quickly. JARAK is geared towards providing a surveillance team at extremely short notice and all of the investigators are fully trained in the use of photographic, tracking and auxiliary equipment.