• Confirmation of ID documentation
  • Criminal checks
  • Financial clearances
  • Driver’s licence verification
  • Qualifications verification


Loss control is the effective elimination or the control of hazards that threaten corporate assets. It encompasses theft and fraud control, computer security, administrative systems, personnel screening, fire and safety precautions and effective contingency planning. The emphasis is on prevention. The group has loss control staff with vast practical experience in the retail, industrial and distribution trades.


JARAK’s investigators have extensive experience in policing and investigating crime. With our knowledge of criminal law, we can handle any criminal investigation from the scene of the crime to the court of law, assisting and liaising with the police, state prosecutors and Attorney Generals for effective prosecution. JARAK’s knowledge of the Criminal Procedure Act and Law of Evidence ensures that acquittals due to technicalities or insufficient evidence can be minimized.


JARAK’s investigators are able to collect reliable information and evidence relating to fraudulent actions such as:

  • Embezzlement
  • Violation of fiduciary duties
  • Improper supplier relations
  • Financial statement manipulation
  • Fraudulent electronic transfers
  • Alienation of assets
  • Conflict of interest
  • Cheque fraud
  • Manipulation of stolen cheques


The company has a proven track record of successfully unveiling fraudulent insurance claims on life and short-term insurance, as well as alleged disability claims.


It is often necessary to gather information in a covert manner within a corporate organisation to further highly sensitive investigations. This covers a wide field ranging from auditory to visual recording.

JARAK can advise on and implement the best options relevant to particular investigations. Depending on the nature of the equipment being used, such equipment may either be leased or installed to ensure the most cost effective results.

JARAK will also advise on legal requirements regarding the use of such equipment, together with IT advice on the use of such information gathered as evidence.

It is also vital that corporate bodies take prudent steps to ensure the confidentiality of their own sensitive information. Our highly skilled technicians can conduct physical searches and electronic frequency sweeps of sensitive areas of premises and check on telephone integrity. This can be done on a regular basis as a preventative measure.

Our consultants also provide executives with information on standard security methods that should be applied to all sensitive information. Many of these methods are extremely simple and cost effective.


The JARAK group’s undercover agents will ensure that a client’s management has a clear picture of unethical and criminal activities within their organisation. The group also undertakes to follow up on information BV furnished by its agents in order to enable management to dismiss the culprits and/or prosecute them criminally.


JARAK conducts an on-going monitoring operation at flea-markets throughout South Africa on behalf of clients whose products are sold at both formal and informal markets. These flea-markets have become favoured outlets for stolen stock, hi-jacked products, counterfeit products and grey market imports. These inspections are carried out on a regular basis in the most cost effective manner possible. The necessary action is then taken against offenders, including gathering of evidence and the institution of criminal prosecution where warranted.


Violations and disputes over patents and trademarks are rife. JARAK has proven that we have the skills and experience to identify the source and the extent of the infringement and to gather admissible evidence for litigation. Concerns about grey marketing and counterfeit products can be handed over to JARAK to prevent further losses.